Sqr Code bridges the gap between growth-minded businesses and their target audiences

At SQR Code, we believe in partnership, not just service. Our rigorous operations, tailored teams, and comprehensive approach work together like a powerful force multiplier, amplifying your success and driving results you can’t achieve alone.”

CEO & Founder : Yousef Elsayed

Our Experience

Nine Years of Excellence

We craft digital platforms that bridge the gap between people and technology. Our foundation is decades of design and industry expertise, enabling us to build future-proof digital products.

We prioritize modernization, innovation, user engagement, and time-to-market, empowering businesses to achieve a competitive edge. Through advanced technology and a global reach, we build innovative software applications that solve traditional and complex challenges. Our dedicated team of hand-picked experts will help you deliver your project efficiently and effectively.

Our History

SQR Code Timeline of Our Journey Towards Excellence

Our commitment to every endeavor is what makes our uniqueness stand out. We concur that collaboration makes us stronger, so we work tirelessly to enhance teamwork.

Experience in the field of work was gained through freelance sites by the company’s founder, Yousef Elsayed

Year of 2016
Year of 2017

Delivered 10+ projects, grew quickly with just the founder.

We cooperated with a leading company in the field of providing web services and electronic marketing in Egypt.

Year of 2018
Year of 2019

Established presence in Egypt & UAE markets, leading way for global expansion. Also ventured into new technologies, leading to diversification.

Established presence in Canada markets, and hire full-time team from 30+ creative.

Year of 2020
Year of 2021

Achieved the milestone of completing 500+ projects, grew to 50+ team members.

Established presence in USA markets.

Year of 2023

Our Values

Our values inform our decision-making, shape our culture, and guide our behaviors. We aim to embody these values in everything we do, using them as the foundation for both our long-term strategic thinking and day-to-day operations.



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