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Strong online presence? Check. Attracting and converting customers? Done. At SQR Code, powerful digital spaces don’t have to be complicated. We understand that not all businesses need a sprawling website—sometimes, achieving your online goals is as simple as having a results-oriented site that works. That’s why we offer straightforward, effective designs that get you seen, heard, and growing.

Unleash Your Brand's Potential in 15 Days:

Introducing the Rabid WebDesign Package

Harness the power of your existing branding and accelerate your online presence with our streamlined Rabid web design package. In just two weeks, you'll be up and running with a website that reflects your unique identity and actively attracts and converts leads.

There is no need for lengthy development cycles or creative ambiguity. Our expert team will seamlessly integrate your established brand elements—logo, colors, fonts, and more—into one of our high-performing custom themes. This ensures a cohesive visual experience that resonates with your target audience immediately.

But the speed doesn't stop there. We're committed to delivering results, so your Rabid website will be built with lead generation in mind. Strategic calls to action, intuitive navigation, and optimized content will work together to guide visitors toward becoming loyal customers.
So, if you're ready to ditch the digital waiting room and join the ranks of online powerhouses, don't wait! Contact us today, and let's get your Rabid website unleashed.

Service Options

Rapid website service options from SQR Code

Convert More Leads with Design

Convert More Leads with Design

Every element on your website should be laser-focused on driving conversions. Our templates are crafted to guide visitors towards taking action, from initial contact to becoming loyal customers.

Your Brand, Amplified

Your Brand, Amplified

Choose from three pre-designed themes, each a lead-generating powerhouse. Then, we’ll collaborate to personalize the look and layout, ensuring your brand shines through every click.

Fine-Tuned to You (In Just 3 Hours!)

Fine-Tuned to You (In Just 3 Hours!)

Want a website that feels custom-built? We’ll dedicate 3 design hours to tweaking colors, images, and key sections, all based on your unique vision and brand identity.

Insights at Your Fingertips

Insights at Your Fingertips

We’ll set up Google Analytics and equip you with a powerful dashboard to track website performance, understand visitor behavior, and optimize your online strategy for even greater success.

Launch & Grow in 15 Days

Launch & Grow in 15 Days

Seamlessly built on WordPress, your website will be up and running within 30 days of receiving your content. We’ll handle the technical stuff, so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.

Get a website in 15 days!

Convert Faster with SQR Rapid WebDesign

At SQR Code, we're obsessed with helping you get real results online – fast. That's why our SQR Rapid web design service makes it easier than ever to start generating leads.

We'll jump-start your design process with three conversion-focused templates, each optimized for any device or browser your visitors use. Choose the best fit for your brand and goals, then collaborate with your dedicated project manager to map your site's architecture, user journey, and lead capture strategy.

Once we have your branding assets (logo, colors, images), we'll launch your site within 15 days. And the best part? You get 3 hours of design time to personalize your template, ensuring it reflects your brand, resonates with your audience, and becomes your ultimate lead-generation machine.

Rapid Web Benefits

5 Benefits of Rapid Web Design with SQR Code

Lead Magnet Launch (Get More Leads in 15 Days!)

SQR Rapid websites aren’t just eye candy – they’re lead-generating machines. You’ll craft your sitemap, user journey, and conversion goals with a dedicated project manager to attract and convert more customers. Plus, 3 custom lead forms are included to capture every hot prospect.

Revenue Rocket (Boost Sales with a Rapid Website)

Need a website that turns visitors into paying customers? SQR Rapid plans are your answer. Get ready for a surge in web traffic, leads, and revenue – all within 15 days. Our websites are designed for conversions, turning casual browsers into loyal fans.

Brand Spotlight (Shine Brighter Online with SQR Rapid)

Elevate your online presence with a custom SQR Rapid website. We’ll seamlessly integrate your branding (logo, colors, images) into a stunning theme, solidifying your unique identity across the web. Recognition and trust? You got it.

User Journey Mastermind (Craft an Experience They'll Love)

Your visitors deserve an experience that’s intuitive and delightful. With SQR Rapid, you get expert-designed architecture, clear calls to action, and responsive forms. We’ll make every click and scroll a pleasure, boosting engagement and satisfaction.

Attention Magnet (Keep Visitors Hooked with SQR Rapid)

Want visitors glued to your site? SQR Code has you covered. We’ll inject interactive elements, captivating visuals, and compelling content to keep them scrolling and engaged. Time on a page? Watch it skyrocket with your new website.